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Our expertise and dedication in finance broking will help you navigate the intricate landscape of financial markets, ensuring you receive tailored advice and solutions that empower your journey towards financial wellbeing.

Financial broking for home loans

Home Loans

We understand that finding the perfect home is a milestone, and securing the right mortgage is an essential part of that journey.

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SMSF lending

SMSF Lending

The journey to financial independence requires innovative solutions, and Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) lending is a game-changer.

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Asset finance

Asset Finance

If you’re eager to navigate the world of smart investments, our Asset Finance solutions are crafted just for you.

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Car loans

Car Loans

Whether you’re eyeing your dream car or seeking an eco-friendly alternative, we provide personalised advice and competitive rates.

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Personal loan

Personal Loans

If you find yourself at a crossroads, to fund major life events or consolidate debts, our expert Finance Broker is here to guide you through.

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Commercial lending

Commercial Lending

If you’re a business-minded individual seeking opportunities in commercial ventures, our expert Finance Broker is here to support you every step of the way.

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Expertise and dedication in Finance Broking

Mel Nicholls Financial Broker

Mel Nicholls

Finance Broker

As a Finance Broker, Mel's passion for helping people shines through in her dedication to assisting you with your financial needs. Mel sees each person she works with as an opportunity to positively impact your life.

Mel finds joy and fulfillment in staying active and pushing her physical limits. Her dedication is evident in her impressive accomplishments, such as completing two Ironman triathlons, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and a charity cycle ride from Sydney to Melbourne — a true testament to her strength, endurance, and determination.

Mel loves adventure - she has travelled to over 50 countries and lived in the UK for 2 years, many years ago. Her latest adventure is having her 2 daughters 15 months apart. She often says this is her biggest challenge is being a Mum to 2 toddlers while running a business! 

Mel also thrives on the challenges presented by the diverse nature of financial situations she encounters. While some cases may be straightforward, others require a deeper understanding and nuanced approach.

By securing the best possible deals for you, Mel not only saves you time and money but also empowers you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.


  • Cert IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking
  • Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking

Achieve your finance and lifestyle goals

Home Loans

We recognise the unique financial considerations that come with this stage of life. Whether you’re upgrading to accommodate a growing family, seeking a cozy space to call your own, or looking to invest, we are committed to finding tailored solutions that suit your needs. Benefit from our extensive network of lenders, ensuring you have access to the most favourable terms available.

Let us handle the complexities of finding the perfect home loan, allowing you to focus on what matters most – turning your home ownership dreams into reality. Explore our services today and take the first step toward a secure and fulfilling future.

We cater to first-home buyers, refinancing, renovation & construction loans, as well as self-employed lending.

Contact us today to talk about your home loan needs.

SMSF Lending

Our expert Finance Broker specialises in guiding you through the intricacies of SMSF lending, helping you leverage your superannuation to unlock real estate opportunities.

Take charge of your investment strategy, build wealth for the future, and secure your dream home or commercial space – all while maximising the benefits of SMSF. Explore our SMSF lending services today, including SMSF loans, SMSF loan refinancing, residential and commercial property.

Contact us today to embark on a path toward a secure and prosperous tomorrow.

Asset Finance

We recognise the unique financial landscape you are facing and offer tailored strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Empower your journey towards wealth accumulation with our expert Finance Broker who specialises in Asset Finance. Whether you’re eyeing a new vehicle, technology upgrades, commercial equipment, or expanding your business, we provide strategic guidance to make informed decisions. Take the reins of your financial future to turn dreams into reality through astute Asset Finance planning. We offer loan options for chattel mortgages, novated leases, finance leases, commercial hire purchase, commercial equipment, vehicles, as well as plant & equipment.

Discover our services now and contact us about your Asset Finance needs.

Car Loans

Rev up your financial journey with tailored solutions for car loans that match your lifestyle. We cater loans for new or used cars, secured and unsecured loans, as well as Electric Vehicle (EV) loans.

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional financing – our expert Finance Broker is here to guide you through a seamless car loan experience. Whether you’re eyeing your dream car or seeking an eco-friendly alternative, we provide personalised advice and competitive rates that align with your unique financial goals.

Explore our range of car loan options today.

Personal Loans

If you find yourself at a crossroads, considering personal loans to fund major life events or consolidate debts, our expert Finance Broker is here to guide you through this pivotal phase.

Our tailored personal loan options are designed to provide the flexibility you need, whether it’s for home improvements, debt consolidation,  travel, education, or simply managing unexpected expenses.

Empower your financial journey with a partner who understands your goals and is committed to offering personalised advice, competitive rates, and a seamless personal loan experience.

Take control of your financial narrative – explore our services today.

Commercial Lending

Whether you’re expanding an existing business, launching a startup, or investing in commercial real estate, we understand the intricate financial considerations of your goals.

Partner with us for personalised advice, strategic insights, and competitive rates in the realm of commercial lending. We’re committed to empowering your business ambitions, offering guidance that aligns with your vision.

Explore our services today and embark on a journey towards financial success.

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