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Did you know that if you die without a Will in place, your assets will be distributed according to the laws in your State, rather than according to your wishes? Starting estate planning earlier in life is wise to protect your family’s financial future and maintain control over your assets and healthcare decisions.


Marcus is Accredited in Adviser Facilitated Estate Planning, meaning we can assist you with preparing your Estate Plan, including your Legally binding Will and Powers of Attorney.


Estate planning process

Initial meeting for estate planning

Step 1 - Initial Meeting

This meeting allows us to work together to understand your Estate Planning instructions so that we can start drafting a plan.  

Documents submitted for estate planning

Step 2 - Documents submitted

We will submit your documents and draft plan to our solicitor and work with them on the preparation of your wishes.

Draft prepared for estate planning

Step 3 - Draft Prepared

You will receive a draft of the document to review, along with details of our joint online meeting with our solicitors.

Online meeting

Step 4 - Online Meeting

We will have a joint online meeting with you, our solicitors and our team to finalise your Estate Plan. 

Documents signed for estate planning

Step 5 - Sign Documents

Final review and signing of documents to complete the Estate Planning Process. 

You Will Receive:

A Legally binding Will (including Guardianship where applicable) 

Enduring Power of Attorney – Financial 

Enduring Power of Attorney – Medical 

Memo of Directions 

A review of binding nominations in place 

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